Old Fashion Hellfire (Prime Cuts Ver​.​)

from by Dead Animal Assembly Plant



Come on everybody now gather 'round
Down on your knees - don't make a sound
We're digging at your morals - now slowly peel
All the little piggies stand up and squeal

Like lambs to the slaughter that we're deceiving'
The tender pretenders make you believe in
All the fragile little pieces left in your head
Bleeding as you're needing praise from the dead

Hey - call me old fashion
Hey - this is your fate
Hey - I am hellfire
Hey - born of your hate

We're taking to the streets to build a pyre
Heathens like wood - let's start a fire
With the gays - the spades - everyone obscene
Take a bullet to the head - show em what we mean

We're saying that we're staying so bring the kids
Ordained profane to justify what we did
There's chaos in my cassock - it's time to play
Come onto me - so come on now let's pray


Glory to thee
But not to me
I got what you need
To set you free
Just feel this rod
Sent by god
Smile and nod
To the firing squad



from OFH: Prime Cuts, released January 24, 2017



all rights reserved